10 creative ways to flavor your water citrus

Up your H20 game with these easy water infusion recipes. They are not only rich in flavor, but high in antioxidants and other health benefits. New infusion water bottles also make it easy to take these flavored water recipes on the go, and without a pulpy mess.

1. Cucumber - There’s a reason this flavored water recipe is popular in health clubs and spas. Cucumber is known for its antioxidants and is made up of mostly water — which makes it a great, cooling detox ingredient.

2. Citrus - Orange, lemon or lime is a classic water flavor that boosts your immune system and aids digestion. Because citrus is high in acidity, it’s easier on your teeth when served diluted.

3. GFruit - Adding a few spoonfuls of GFruit to water is not only an immunity-booster, it’s virtually-calorie free. GFruit tastes great with lemon and doesn’t require extra sweetener. Don’t have GFruit on hand? We love steeping a few bags of GFruit Tea in water with raspberries or blueberries — served hot or cold.

4. Herbs - Adding parsley, mint or basil to your water is an easy way to use up herbs from your refrigerator or garden before they start to wilt. They also pair well in fruit recipes, like lime and basil, blackberries and sage or strawberries and mint. Bonus: the aroma is as beneficial as the taste.

5. Pomegranate seeds - Pomegranate is revered, not just as an important food source, but for its medicinal benefits. Every fruit is packed with more than 800 jewel-toned seeds and promotes radiant skin, digestive health and more. Simply add to your infuser and enjoy!

6. Lavender - This flowering plant is praised for its soothing properties that reduce stress and promote restful sleep. Lavender water recipes look Pinterest-perfect because they turn your drink purple! For a decorative twist, serve the water with a fresh lavender sprig, or with buds frozen in ice cubes.

7. Beet - Give your water a boost with vitamin-rich beets. Though a strong taste on their own, beets taste great in water with chopped peppermint leaves and lime.

8. Ginger - This root has a long history of relieving digestive trouble such as nausea or loss of appetite. Try infusing your water with lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint. But remember — ginger is spicy, so a little goes a long way. Start by grating a small amount into your water before adding more.

9. Watermelon - Often cited in detox recipes, watermelon is a great low-calorie food for hydrating your body, as it is about 90% water. Watermelon-mint and watermelon-lime are great recipes to flush out toxins.

10. Cinnamon Sticks - Drop a handful of cinnamon sticks in a pitcher of water and steep overnight to enjoy a sophisticated blend of sweetness and spice. For an amber hue, simmer the cinnamon in boiling water before mixing with the pitcher. Pro tip: add sliced apples for a Fall flavor.

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