GFruit. Natural in action

Hectic life, environmental stress, meals on-the-go, lack of exercise – those are just a few of the usual villains waiting to rob you of your well-being, healthy weight and good looks. Maintaining your immune system in great shape can be challenging and… quite boring. Graviola fruit is everything but.


Get that glow back naturally!

Anti-oxidants are a must have for your rejuvenation, immunity and energy. Graviola fruit offers a unique combination of not just one, but four essential anti-oxidants: Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper and Selenium. This natural power-bundle targets free radicals responsible for DNA damage, thus assisting in preventing premature aging, and a multitude of unwelcome health conditions. Add with a few spoons of GFruit to your breakfast, and see where it takes you. View recipes!


Look good, feel good!

Skin, eyes and …liver rely heavily on Vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine and potassium. The same team of key nutrients is responsible for growth, healing processes and multiple functions of the nervous system. The human body doesn’t store vitamin C or riboflavin, expecting you to replenish it timely. Graviola is a great source of these crucial elements, making it easy to stay well. View recipes!


Detox & Relax

Graviola fruit contains a great deal of Vitamin B a.k.a Thiamine. This notorious vitamin is specifically known for assisting in fighting off stress and supporting proper brain functioning. Let the exotic, unparalleled taste revitalize and energize you, while the nutrients do their work. Delicious as is, its juicy, mouthwatering pulp easily becomes a refreshing base for stamina-boosting meals, snacks, smoothies and drinks. View recipes!


Healthy heart

Potassium, found in Graviola, among other important functions, plays a great role in proper performance of human heart and muscle contraction. This food is low in Sodium, and very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Why not treat your heart with something both of you would love? View recipes!


When low is good

Referred to as a ‘miracle fruit’, our fruit is historically used in countless ways to promote better health. Graviola is low on sugar, calories and carbohydrates. While sugar is added to almost every single product on shelf, GFruit features less than two grams of naturally occurring sugar* and zero ‘empty’ calories. It’s delicious, fiber-packed pulp will give you that feeling of happy fullness in your stomach that helps you eat less.

* per serving

Gut health

Although our body doesn’t digest fiber, the latter plays a crucial role in good digestion. It is known to aid bowel movement as well as maintaining colon in good shape. Lack of fiber may result in irregularity or constipation among other potential health issues. Doctors agree that fiber supports healthy cholesterol levels in your body and helps normalizing blood pressure and glucose levels. Certain types of inflammation can also be avoided by simply introducing healthy fiber into your diet.

….While we can’t run the treadmill for you, we can provide you a refreshing healthy treat your whole body will enjoy. View recipes!


Antioxidant-rich GFruit amazes with its powerful organic build –blessed with potassium and multiple vitamins, while being easy on calories and carbs.
A few mouthwatering spoonfuls will accelerate the journey to a more thriving you.




The fruit contains more potassium than a large bowl of spinach. Potassium is believed to be crucial for a healthy heart, as well as digestion and proper muscle performance.

Asparagus & Oat

The fruit offers more vitamin B1
(a.k.a. thiamine) than a cup of asparagus or a cup of oats. Thiamin is said to help in stressful times. According to various sources, thiamine is so important to our diet, that in the U.S. processed flour must be enriched with thiamine mononitrate (along with niacin, ferrous iron, riboflavin, and folic acid) since it gets depleted during the process.


The fruit has more vitamin B2 (a.k.a. riboflavin) than a handful of almonds. Riboflavin is required in a vast range of cellular processes, hence it’s believed to play a key role in maintaining good health.
Evidently, it also supports good vision. It has also been established that vitamins B are the cornerstone of a healthy liver, and wellness of skin, hair and eyes. Most importantly, vitamins B are key for the metabolism, nervous system and a well-functioning brain.


Great deal of vitamin C, which is well known for its antioxidant powers.


I used to have a tree of Guanabana in my backyard when I lived in Dominican Republic. Now that I live in USA I craved some and found a couple of juices but it was not the same. Then I found this site and ordered a jar and OMG! it has a wonderful taste and texture. Like taken from the tree. Definitely the best, I plan to keep buying from this store every time I feel homesick.


Excellent product. Excellent delivery time. Will definitely place orders again.


Tastes very refreshing. Will buy again. Sort of like a light grapefruit taste. Very clean and crisp.


As a low carber, I appreciate that the product is not high in carbohydrate. I think that those who are trying to decrease cancer with Soursop need to steer clear of anything with added sugars so this is a good choice.


Seriously LOVED the gFruit. It was very fresh and delicious! The container allows it to stay fresh longer too. Loved adding it to my Greek yogurt in the mornings for breakfast.