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Tea Pack


GFruit tea is made from 100% natural soursop leaves, which are known for their healing properties. One cup of GFruit tea has been said to reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve immune functions. Simply steep a pyramid tea bag in hot water for 5-10 minutes for maximum benefits or use two tea bags for extra strength. 15 bags per box.

Gfruit Pack


Is known by many names such as Soursop, Graviola & Guanábana, we simply call it the GFruit. All our fruits are hand grown and nurtured, and considered elite due to the bright green skin color and low sugar content. We carefully remove the skin, extract the non edible core and place the entire fruit with the seeds inside the container*. It is vacuum sealed for freshness. Refrigerate after opening, consume within 10 days of opening. The seeds cannot be consumed. No sugar added, as if you were eating the fruit fresh from a tree as nature intended it. Suitable for vegans.

*Pasteurized with care. We are committed to providing the highest quality product. In awareness of our audience’s health-driven requirements, we pasteurize our fruits to target possible bacterial growth thus avoiding the risks of food-borne illnesses.

Pills Pack


Encapsulated fine Soursop tree leaf powder. This product focuses on assisting lung, liver, colon, pancreas, kidney and stomach functions. It is also known to be used to reduce anxiety levels, depression and nervousness. The container provides 90 capsules (1000 mg) aiming to support your immune function for 30 days. Produced in the USA*. Suitable for vegans.

*Leaves may come from rainforests in South America and the Caribbean, as well as other regions where Soursop is grown.


I used to have a tree of Guanabana in my backyard when I lived in Dominican Republic. Now that I live in USA I craved some and found a couple of juices but it was not the same. Then I found this site and ordered a jar and OMG! it has a wonderful taste and texture. Like taken from the tree. Definitely the best, I plan to keep buying from this store every time I feel homesick.


Was really impressed had the fresh fruit in panama ! We were so happy to have discovered your product.The packaging the prompt deliverary the fruit is excellent we have it every morning in a smoothie.we remove the seeds and then freeze it in ice cube trays to blend up in the morning.Thanks for this great product enjoying it in Canada


Seriously LOVED the gFruit. It was very fresh and delicious! The container allows it to stay fresh longer too. Loved adding it to my Greek yogurt in the mornings for breakfast.


Thank you, my sister is having a battle with cancer right now. And, thank you very much for your help and support. I am confident the GFruit will make her feel better because I hear positive input about GFruit and since it is your product. I think you and your company take pride in the GFruit product.


My husband loves the fresh fruit. He had been buying the frozen pulp prior and noticed the big difference. Hoping it will be available in local stores soon.